Most companies have trouble communicating who they are and what they're all about. That's normal — it's really hard to do. However, there's one easy way to improve how you talk: stop using startup jargon. 

Here's a quick list of common startup jargon, and some better words to use:

Pivot  “try again”

Monetize  “make money”
Viral  “shareable”
Leverage  “use”
Social graph  “friends”
MVP  “something people want”
Local maximum  “reached a peak”
Learnings  “what you learned”
Growth Hacking  “marketing”
Root Cause Analysis  “understand why”
Engagement  “how much people care”

Not a zero sum game  “everyone's a winner, baby”

Disruptive  “probably not disruptive”

Startup  “business”

N.B. Eric Ries and the others who came up with these terms actually did a great job. Startup words can be really useful in the right context. Just avoid using jargon when normal speak will do.